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Refurbished vs. New

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The dictionary defines the word "REFURBISH" in this way: to brighten or freshen up

At KeyNet, we take the brightening and freshening a few steps beyond. As you browse our site, you will see that all of our proxes, remotes, remote head keys, etc., will come as either NEW or REFURBISHED.

What do you think of when you hear or read the term "REFURBISHED"? For a lot of people, when they hear that word, they automatically think that the quality of the item they are receiving is less than the same item purchased new. While that may be true in some instances, at KeyNet, refurbished essentially means "LIKE NEW". We take pride in the products we sell. And you will never receive anything that has not passed our rigorous testing procedures. In the case of refurbished products, we go even further. All units that we receive in, go through these steps before it is even offered for sale on our website:

  • Each product is disassembled
  • The shell or case is inspected for any defects (scratches, cracks, etc.)
  • The circuit board inside is tested to 100% compliance and functionality and replaced if needed
  • Batteries are tested - if at less than 90% capacity, they are replaced
  • The product is then reassembled and reflashed as necessary - this is essentially the same as a factory reset
  • The product is then tested to make sure it is transmitting in the required frequency ranges
  • We then add a final layer of polish (literally, we polish the product to give it a shine).
  • Then, and only if passing a final inspection, the product goes on the shelf and is ready for purchase
Phew! What a process! But, 150% totally worth it to make sure that the final product that goes into our customer's hands, is the best on the market! We stand behind every product we sell, and the pride we take in being the best for all of your key service needs, shows in our products. Sure, you can spend more on a prox in brand new condition, and we will not argue your purchase, but you can rest assured, that that same prox, refurbished, will work 100% the same as the brand new one .