Financing Available Through
Marlin Finance
Top Five Reasons to Finance
  1. Ability to adopt technology faster.
  2. Frees bank lines of credit.
  3. Provides an alternate credit source.
  4. Improves cash forecasting and budgeting.
  5. Retention of capital to generate earnings.
Benefits of Financing
Cash Flow is King
Effective cash flow management is an extremely important element to a successful business - small or large. Equipment financing offers business owners a means to acquire equipment based on an operating budget - not based on capital of cash on hand. Equipment financing is an option which enables any business to acquire new equipment - or upgrade existing equipment while avoiding the inefficiencies of obsolescence. Financing also means postponing the ultimate purchase decision for a piece of equipment until the end of the financing term.

Additional Benefits Include:
Tax Treatment:
The tax incentives for purchasing new equipment have never been greater. By taking advantage of a lease to purchase option, the amount you save in taxes could be greater thant what you pay in the first year of a lease. Your new equipment could make money for you from day one!

100% Financing:
Since a lease often doesn't require a down payment, its equivalent to 100% financing.

Flexible End of Terms Options:
There are typically three flexible options at the end of a term. You can return the equipment, purchase the equipment from the finance company or extend the financing for an additional period of time.

Five Easy Steps
To Financing with Marlin
Financing with Marlin Equipment Finance is a very simple and easy process. Marlin partners with manufacturers and product resellers in many industries, including: healthcare, telecommunications and office equipment, to provide financing solutions tailored to their specific markets and individual business strategies.

  1. SHOP:
    Find the equipment or software solution you need for your business.
  2. APPLY:
    Complete a simple credit application. Once the application is complete, we will begin the credit approval process and have an answer to you within two hours.
  3. SIGN:
    Upon approval, the finance documentation package will be completed and sent to you for your signature. Once the signed documentation is received, your equipment or software can be ordered through your vendor.
    Upon receiving your equipment or software, Marlin will commence the lease.
  5. PAY:
    Once the lease is commenced, your first invoice will arrive within 30 days and will be billed monthly for the duration of your finance term.
Logic of Financing
To Financing with Marlin
Financing your equipment or software purchase is a smart payment option for your business. Which method is right for you?

Acquire equipment easier and for less?

Most banks require a large down-payment.
Upgrade or add equipment without difficulty?

Most banks require re-application for another loan.

Match payments to your current cash flow?

Avoid affecting your bank lines of credit?

in fact, they will be affecting it a great deal
Customize your payment plan or even defer payments?