Texas® 80-bit Cloning Now Available!
Clone Ford, Toyota, Kia and Hyundai 80-bit keys with Keyline Cloning Tools!

Keyline USA is excited to announce the free software release of the Texas® 80-bit solution for the cloning of Ford®, Kia®, Hyundai® and Toyota® car models* using Keyline Cloning Tools.

The Texas® 80-bit solution will be available with the Keyline electronic head TK100 and with Keyline carbon chip CKG, further expanding their range of clonable car models.

In addition, please note the following:
The TKG KIT and the TKG electronic head will no longer be produced and distributed after Keyline USA stock has been depleted.

The Toyota Texas® 80-bit models that are currently cloned with TKG, will be cloned with the TK100 electronic head and with CKG carbon chip.

The TKG and CKG currently in your stock can be used to clone Texas® 80-bit code transponder types for Ford®, Kia®, Hyundai® and Toyota®. The CK100 and GK100 will not be modified and will still be applicable for cloning, but will not work for the Texas® 80-bit solution

To activate the Texas® 80-bit solution, customers can update (free of charge) existing 884 Decryptor Mini's and 884 Decryptor Ultegra's with the Keyline Software Tool and App. Once complete, the capability is enabled.

For any pending orders of TKG. KIT and TKG electronic heads, or any other questions, please call (815)774-9200 ext: 244.